Beyond the book cover

he is not what I thought. I am still not sure but I see now I had him all wrong.

i was thinking of more the farm boy type with his baggy jeans that he has to pull

up frequently. I can’t help but wonder what he would look like if they were a tad tighter.

Now if my husband said something like that about another woman I would be horrified. A double standard

that I cannot defend.

He has long curly hair. Soft and blond. Sometimes he wears it in a ponytail and sometimes down. He pulls it back

with glasses that he keeps dropping when he bends over.

he is soft-spoken. I have not idea how old he is. I just know he is a lot younger  than me.  He grew up with animals. Where I wonder.

Around here somewhere. He speaks of his wife often. I imagine a young beautiful woman with long brown hair that wears skirts and no make up.

They have a dog he trained and rescued. he saved before it was to be put down. They live together most likely in a small cottage set back amongst the pines. A town near by, I know that much.

it turns out there is more to him that meets the eye. He has a virtual life, an avatar. What is that.  Can’t always judge a book

by its cover. nope can’t do that.






About jensiper

I like to write now and then
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7 Responses to Beyond the book cover

  1. Karuna says:

    Fascinating. I like your style of writing.

  2. Gabriele Stehle says:

    I could go on reading about this guy forever, him and his beautiful wife and his dog… you have such a great way to make these people visible and fascinating, with just a few strokes of your unique brush.

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