Amelia Earhart

The prompt for today is

who would be my teacher from the past and what would they teach me

Nothing pops into my head quickly. I have to think on this. I was thinking Amelia Earhart because

she could teach me what happened to her when she disappeared in that airplane all of those years ago.

She has always been someone I have admired. She was so cute with that short hair cut and honest face.

I can only wonder what horrible disaster befell her.

She could teach me how she became the person she was. Brave and daring. Unusual for a woman of her time.

Why did she press on. Why did she takes these risks. I know she married but I don’t know too much about why or who.

She never had children. i think she was in her early forties when she died but I might be wrong.

She did not take the road mostly traveled but she took her own road.

She could teach me about strength and bravery, about perseverance, about being different despite what others might say.

I wish she could come back and tell us what happened. A mystery for all time.



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