A room

Todays prompt is that I get a new room but I can only add three items to it or it disappears.

well off the top of my head I would have to have a bed because most likely I would like the option of taking

a nap. I would hope that the bed comes with sheets and a pillow because obviously those can’t count or

the room would be gone.  So it has a built in pillow and sheets.

I suppose I can carry things in an out. We must be talking about permanent items. So the bed is one.

I guess a comfortable chair would be nice. A comfortable chair that also rocks. My room has a lot of windows that I can look out of

from my comfortable chair or from my bed if I woke up suddenly in the late afternoon to watch the clouds move across the sky or the branches  in the wind.

The windows are part of the structure so those don’t count. . Maybe the chair also reclines just in case I am too lazy to get out my chair

and under my covers.

A record player would be nice but I guess I am done in regards to my number of items. i will have to listen to that from the next room. I would have to turn the volume up.

My room is a bit sparse but I don’t have much choice if I want to keep it.


Oh and I suppose the last item would be a floor lamp with good lighting so I can read at night when it gets dark.








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