Trees are what I will miss  if for some reason I have to go to Mars which I doubt will ever happen but you never know. They are so steadfast and strong. They smell good. Yes I do like to hug them and I swear I feel something when I do and I don’t think it is my imagination. I talk to them and sometimes I name them. Crusty bark and roots. As far back as kindergarten, I have loved them. I remember a game of running around this one particular tree stepping on the roots. I think they talk to me too, whispering in words I don’t quite understand but I do feel.

A big oak grows out of my patio. It’s trunk has gotten so wide. I wonder how old it is. It reaches up high to the sky with a canopy of leaves that gives off a shade that comes very much in handy on a hot afternoon. Acorns have a tendency to fall out of it so you have to watch your head.

My neighbor also had a bunch of old oaks. He had them all removed. He didn’t want to have to rake so much. Then he moved away. It is just empty space there now. I could never take down a tree. Ever.

Birds hang out in my tree. I can hear them I can’t always see them. They find refuge there while waiting their turn at the bird feeder hopping from branch to branch, twittering and chirping saying who knows what.

I also have a crabapple and two Lindens. A red maple and several pines. Trees. I love trees. Hello trees.


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  4. afsheenanjum says:

    I am also in love with trees, without them I consider no life.

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