sparrows ( patron)

Every spring summer they take up residence in my backyard. I looked it up on line. It is known as a sparrow slum. That seems

kind of harsh but that is what I refer to it as now when I speak of it. I have a sparrow slum. they pretty much take over my bird feeders. I have two large ones, the kind that are supposed to be squirrel proof. They hang from squirrel proof cast iron posts. I have one smaller cylindrical one as well and a one that hangs from a tree that holds Nyger seed.

Throughout the winter I have an assortment of various birds. Tit mice, Cardinals, Wrens, Nuthatches, Chicadees. Now all I see are Sparrows. It is not that I dislike them, I just don’t think it is fare that they hog all of the food. They sit there on the the little metal sticks and they chow down. They don’t move. They make themselves at home. They don’t even move when I walk out there. They flit over to the bird bath that I also conveniently fill up for them on a regular basis.

they have taken over an old dilapidated bird house that i have on a metal pole by the basketball court. It was erected 15 years or so ago. A Purple Martin house it was meant to be,having heard that Purple Martins are not only beautiful but they eat mosquitos. I never did see a Purple Martin

You are supposed to clean out these houses every year. Take them down open up the roof and clean out the old nests. I have often thought to do this but never got around to it. The sparrows come back every year. They don’t seem to mind the mess. The house has multiple floors and little holes. You might have seen them here and there usually around ponds where Purple Martins tend to nest. There is no pond here. But there is a pool.

The house needs a coat of paint and the roof is starting to cave in. One of the these days I might have to take it down. I wonder if I can find a replacement. Will the pole just sit there cemented into my lawn. Or maybe it can be dug up. If I got rid of it I might not have a sparrow slum anymore.

For now I am taking care of the Sparrows.


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8 Responses to sparrows ( patron)

  1. amforte66 says:

    I enjoyed reading this. It was very peaceful. I’m sure the sparrows are happy to have you as their caretaker. 🙂

  2. jane e says:

    Your love for birds shines through your post.

  3. Gabriele Stehle says:

    This is very funny, jenni. A sparrow slum with a dilipiated house. Hah. I like that image.

  4. paulwhitberg says:

    Thanks for sharing!
    P.S. Some feeders have holes that are too small for anything but goldfinches, chickadees, and a select few other birds. Sparrows love one of our feeders but ignore the small-holed one filled with nyjer.

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