walking on leaves

I walked on red and yellow leaves today that crunched under my feet over the soft mud, watching one foot in front of the other going up the hill. Feeling my legs and the energy in my legs breathing.Trying not to think but thinking comes none the less. Shutting out the thoughts. Two large black dogs were there with a lady in a canvas looking khaki coat with a hat on. Brodi and Madison. They looked like  black bears. They wanted something of my poodle. There was some stuff going on. growling.  They were a bit scary there on the yellow and red leaves. We got away from them. I looked back at them walking, the lady in the green coat and those two black bears. They were looking back at me too, the bears, not the lady. She was walking with her head down. the rain was drizzling down and I was wearing my green hat. The slouchy one that doesn’t fit that well but I like the idea of it. It was wet and grey and pretty darn miserable out. yes. hard to be happy walking on day like that. But I kept walking trying not to think too much.


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