today on the Round Lake

I don’t have a picture of today but I wish I did. I thought about bringing my camera along but then I worried about it getting wet and it was  just a lake anyway. Not that exciting.  Of course when I got there I regretted not having my camera. It is a small lake but the trees around the lake were gorgeous. Starting to turn already. It was a warm day today with a slight breeze. I decided to go kayaking. This might be my last time. I only had an hour or so because I had a meeting scheduled and I had to walk poly

I got the kayak on the roof of my car easily enough. It  gets easier each time. I just load it up the back. I have a slide and glide rack. I strapped it down and roped it in the front. It is a short drive to the lake. I stopped and got some gas. There were a few other cars in the small pull in when I got there.  A man and woman were just leaving with a canoe on the top of their car. Another couple pulled up just as I was setting off. I went straight across the lake. It was a bit windy so it took me some time. I made it to the outlet and by then it was quite windy. I was a little worried about the fact that I might have a tough time going back against the wind.  I floated around a bit in the outlet letting the wind carry me. I didn’t want to leave. It was so peaceful in there. On another day I would have gone far into the outlet.

I decided to go back. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. The wind would pick up now and then. The sky was so blue. I shared the water with some seagulls. There were a few other kayakers far off to my left. I took my time paddling back. It was very enjoyable. I was at the lot before I knew and got the boat back on my car.

I sat and looked at the lake for awhile and drank my water. I drove home. I put the kayak away. I hope it is not the last time.


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2 Responses to today on the Round Lake

  1. Tom Mazur says:

    such a simple luxury

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