ear noise

It sounds like static in my left ear. It started suddenly two weeks ago. what exactly do you mean by static? It is like a crunching sound. do you mean like walking on snow? or rice krispies? yes like rice krispies. It is there all of the time. I hear it now. Has your hearing changed at all? Does it affect your hearing. Not that I am aware of. He looked at me imploringly.

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Without a trace




She never found the necklace. The one, she bought from the the girl ,who’s ear she cleaned.  She had been wearing it around her neck with a blue stone. It disappeared without a trace. Maybe it is in a drawer somewhere. She has found things before, sometimes years later, like the turquoise pendant, that turned up in the side pocket of her backpack. The one with the Save the Whale button, that she brought with her, when she went to Maine that time.


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It was over pretty quickly. quicker than you think. gone in an instant. things can change  in a day, in a moment. are we ever ready for that knock at the door or that call in the night. always when you least expect it. nothing left but pieces of what, was before, to be glued back together or gathered up and thrown away.

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Unmoored, my boat drifts untied, the sound of water lapping. I will sit back and let it go. I have my life jacket on. It is orange and smells of the sun. It is strapped around my waist and I can lean against its pillow.  Down stream with the current, safe for awhile before I must  steer, the oars resting.


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Getting lost in something

Immerse is the word of the day.

I just read a few of the posts for today. I was  pretty impressed with some of them. I really could not begin to write like that, so I guess I shouldn’t try but then again maybe I should. I have never been very good at making things up. When writing that is. Fiction. It feels awkward to me and stilted and makes me slightly nauseous. I have been immersing myself in photos recently My photos, I photo, Moving them here and there to keep them safe. It has become an obsession. Storing them in google, I cloud, hard drives, flash drives, dropbox and finally I am actually even printing them and putting them into albums. I have over 10,000 pictures on my computer. Maybe now I can finally delete most of them so I have more space. But should I really delete them? What if I need to find one of them. Will it be gone forever. I am spending way too much time on  this and it never seems to end.IMG_2381

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Lime Jello


Jiggle is the word of the day. Okay jiggle. I think of the flesh of my upper arm that shakes when I wave.  Jello jiggles. I don’t eat jello. I have not for some time. I made lime jello one year for Thanksgiving at my aunt Bette’s. It had pineapple in it and cream cheese. It was surprisingly good. Aunt Bette had a traditional dinner. The little cut glass dish full of condiments- sweet pickles, carrots and such. The green bean casserole with crunchy onions from a can.

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dry. My adventures in the desert

Arid being dry. I think of a desert. I like deserts. I have been through and to a few. I spent a week cruising Lake Powell on a house boat. That was an adventure. When my sister in law suggested a house boat vacation on a lake, I had in mind mountains, pine trees,  small hamlets we would pull up to and dock. I think they filmed Planet of the Apes on Lake Powell. That was what it looked like, when we got there in the dead of night after a horrendous delayed plane trip and several hours of driving through the back roads of Nevada and Utah was it? Red rock after red rock after red rock. Huge slabs of rock. Not a pine tree to be seen and certainly no hamlets. No internet in those days to look up my fate.  The trip was one mishap after another. To numerous to tell ,but included bats, mice on deck, getting lost, a lot, docking at night with only a flashlight and a bad asthma attack to name a few. Another desert adventure was when I went across country with three guys that I worked with at St Francis hospital on Long Island. This was back in the eighties. I had two weeks off with no where to go. There were going on this road trip, so I tagged along. I only knew one of the guys pretty well. A  PA, I worked with. The other two were orderlies.  One of our stops was the Grand Canyon. We had a converted van and a tent, so we stayed at a campsite. Two of the guys and I decided to take a hike into the canyon. Not all the way down. I can never remember the name of it. I looked up. The bright Angel trail. I bought a pink  sweatshirt with the trail map on it. I lost it several years later when I  threw it off during a road race in NYC. I was hot and never went back to find it.  Well, none of us were seasoned hikers and we had no business starting a hike like that, in the afternoon.  Maybe we had a little water.  Getting down was not too bad, it was coming back up, where we hit a wall. I had to leave the two guys behind. One was vomiting and the other one fell asleep at one of those little lean Tos. whatever you call them. It was dark maybe 9 o’clock when I got up to the top. I had to find my other friend to help me. Finally the other two found their way back to camp.   Fast forward many years, a marriage two children and much older. A trip to Sedona. Sedona, Okay is beautiful. If you have not been there, you should go. My husband decided to take a hike up  at Lake George here in NY before we went. He hurt his hip and could hardly walk when we got to Sedona. Hiking,which is one of the main things to do there, had to be curtailed. It is always something. Here  he is  reading his I pad ,while attempted to hike Castle Rock, one of the famous vortexes there.


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